Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Family news

I'be been busy all day with shopping, banking etc.

We went to the mall for groceries since the small store around the corner shut and the one a block away doesn't have everything.

There have been thunderstorms on and off all weekend, so I tend to be on line only for short amounts of time.

Ruby is in Manila with her Jr Achievement project and school stuff, and Joy is there with her. Joy is going to Macau tomorrow to represent her business association, and will take Ruby with her.

The main news here is that China is holding war games and keeping "civilians" out of the area they are trying to steal. They are playing tough since President Obama is busy with the "BLM" Kerfuffle, and they figure he will not do anything. Duterte is pushing peaceful solitions with China and also with the Abus, but as the saying goes: Only Nixon can go to China: and Duterte's reputation is that he will make nice, but is not a pussy or pushover....Iran and Russia and China can push Obama around, and no problem, but Duterte is scary. There are reports every day that drug dealers are killed and ordinary low level pushers are turning themselves in, for fear of being killed.

As for BLM: Aside from the fact that this is preplanned and 1968 all over again, I have been more upset about it than I should. I mean, I am aware of interracial friction, but this last kerfuffle predates Trump, and there are so many lies in the press that the real problems of gang related murders is ignored (i.e. high death rate from gang in the inner city, something that has been going on since I was in Med school 40 years ago).

But I finally figured out why the protests annoy me: The hate speech and threats of violence. I am old enough to remember MLK and the protests of the 1950's, and what changed the laws then was that dignified people singing hymns were being targeted, and this brought ordinary good folks on their side.

Such things are going on now in Dallas, according to some reports, and of course, this is what happened in Charlestown a year ago.

But the MSM and CNN is full of "Ain't it awful" stuff that inflames anger on both sides. All "whites", including we ethnics who suffered from discrimination in the past, are now considered the enemy Uh, isn't this prejudice? And presumably Asians and Hispanics are token whites too, so we aren't safe either.

My son and family are in my prayers, that the trouble stays out of Florida and the suburbs of the NEUSA...

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