Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Family news

Brownout all day. We've been on generators which is good because it is hot outside.

Joy and Ruby got back from the Agri-business meeting in Macau and had a grand time, and a horror story about airport security there.

a for me, I'm staying away from the TV news. Too crazy. Also staying away from facebook because it is full of two minute hate stuff from both sides of the political spectrum.

Of course, brownout means no internet and no cable (actually the cable came on in the afternoon). They are having rolling brownouts in Manila due to lack of electricity, but here the reason is that they are replacing the wooden electric poles with crazy wires all over the place with new cement poles, with fewer wires and with insulators for the wires.

Hopefully they will be high enough that the rice trucks won't snag them down when they detour around our house due to traffic on main street.

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