Sunday, July 31, 2016

Family news

Joy and Ruby are back from Manila.

Our cook's youngest son died of a heart attack. He has been having trouble for about two years, and even had a near death episode a year ago. He had chest pain and went to see his doctor, but when the ambulance arrived, it was too late.

Alas, this was her educated son, a teacher.He had a wife and two kids...

Teachers are respected, but the pay is not that good, so he was trying to get a job overseas, first in Canada before the oil shale business slowed down, and then to work in a factory in Malaysia, but had trouble with that too (lots of jobs are fake, or they recruit too many and then won't hire).

As a teenager guarded our home when Lolo had his first stroke, so we are very sad about this.

I told the cook to take a week off, but she is here this morning anyway.... she will cook and then her daughter will come and serve/do the dishes... money is short, and I suspect she would rather stay busy...

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