Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gay Caswell is asking for help

Mrs Gay Caswell tends to be a bit dramatic, but her reports about life "on the res" (as we would call it in the US) tend to sound about right.

Now her daughter is being stalked by a woman who befriended her after the woman's son died. The daughter has left her convent, and is acting strange, and when they both (!) visited the parents, the older woman would not let the daughter talk to her mom in private. Read the whole strange story at the link.

How did they meet? She got to know Sister after the woman's son drowned.

Usually I would shrug and think "lesbian love affair, no problem". Except this sounds a bit sinister. And the strange woman is anti gay marriage. Gay hints at a "cult", but I've known a few rabid right wing catholics who are very controlling of others, albeit usually they are the father of "home schooled kids" (and no, I am not condemning home schooling: my family does this the right way).

And if they supposedly from a "noble" French family, then why are they raising money to visit France? So far 24thousand dollars have been raised, some of it appears to have been raised in France.

 We will honor his memory by raising funds for Benoit, his wife Marguerite and their 5 kids to travel to France and lay Aloys to rest with their family.
this French site mentions the kid was buried in Paris, so that might be true.

But where did this money come from? MrsC write s:

  Sr. just phoned to tell us that she would be away for ten days while she is visiting French shrines. She would not tell us who is paying for this and who else is involved. I made this public because one has to assume that our daughter is under the emotional and financial control of one who has openly stated that “ every time somebody dies something good happens to  ME.( Emphasis mine). Please make public.

The woman claims to be married to a member of the nobility, yet the husband works at a storage company... no he quit that job and now works elsewhere. Managerial job. Probably makes oodles of money. Third job in five years.

So, anyway, Mrs C relates a very strange story, almost sounding like a cult/brainwashing of her daughter.

And she put a "headsup" on her blog asking for help, if any of my ten readers knows anything to help.

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