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Headlines below the fold: crime edition

The headlines in the Manila Bulletin today is that President Duterte named and shamed five police generals who were involved with drugs.

THE LIST THAT SHOCKED PH – President Duterte holds a piece of paper containing the names of the five police generals allegedly involved in protecting drug syndicates in the country. The President made the shocking revelation Tuesday in his speech during the 69th Philippine Air Force anniversary at the Haribon Hangar in Air Force City, Clark Air Base, PampangaRead more at

of course, they all claim they are innocent.

So far they will only lose their jobs.

In our area, when things get too bad, the police are reassigned elsewhere (presumably it takes a few months for them to get new contacts to be bribed in the new communities).


Drudge reports the fix is in for Hillary's illegal emails, and provides links.

as Instapundit frequently quips: Laws are for little people. (Which is Drudge's headline now)

Of course, this happened over the holiday weekend so people might be doing things and not watching the news.

Bernie's boys are upset, and Trump will look honest next to her.

A few days ago, I pointed out that many of Bernie's economic positions were identical to Trump....

and now the UKGuardian has an opinion piece saying the same thing: How did he come to this conclusion? He actually listened to what Trump said and not the talking points.

Both Trump and Bernie are talking about an elite remaking of the economy that hurts ordinary folks.

The illegal immigrants comments are not racism but they are part of the crossfire about jobs: Those lacking papers work for less, and often their employer can avoid paying social security etc. My son was once ordered to work overtime for his usual pay. When he objected, the manager said he'd call "La Migra" on him. Since my son is a citizen he laughed, but you see how the scam works. And in construction work, often they hire "day laborers" who don't get any benefits at all because they work "under the table", cash only.

This is, of course, exploitation of the workers is something unions fight against, but never mind. Racism!


And some Christian groups wonder why so few of the Syrian refugees being resettled in the US (after being screened by the UN) are Christians.

StrategyPage has the reason: the criminal gangs take over refugee camps and pressure the administrators to select their friends (or those who bribe them)

These groups control the selection of refugees for admission to Western nations despite the fact that the camp administrators assure Western nations that the refugees they recommend are screened to eliminate criminals and Islamic terrorists. In fact the gangs that dominate the camps often sell “approval” to refugees who can pay, even if the payment is supplied by criminal gangs or Islamic terror groups. Western countries, like the United States, that insist on doing their own screening are accused of racism or anti-Moslem bias.
 heh. You mean Trump's point to keep Muslim immigrants out until the US screens them might have a basis in reality, not in "Islamophobia"?

StrategyPage also has a review of wars around the world LINK
and again the press gets it wrong:

Normally, the West does not get involved in these Islamic religious wars, unless attacked in a major way. Moreover, modern sensibilities have made retaliation difficult.
For example, fighting back is considered by Moslems as culturally insensitive ("war on Islam") and some of the Western media have picked up on this bizarre interpretation of reality.
It gets worse. Historians point out, for example, that the medieval Crusades were a series of wars fought in response to Islamic violence against Christians, not the opening act of aggression against Islam that continues to the present. Thus, the current war on terror is, indeed, in the tradition of the Crusades.
And there are many other "Crusades" brewing around the world, in the many places where aggressive Islamic militants are making unprovoked war on their Christian and non-Moslem neighbors. Political Correctness among academics and journalists causes pundits to try and turn this reality inside out. But a close look at the violence in Africa, Asia and the Middle East shows a definite pattern of Islamic radicals persecuting those who do not agree with them, not the other way around.


The Pope backed the anti western and very corrupt expresident of Argentina, and now that the folks there have thrown her out, his popularity is going down in his native land.

and if the Pope frothes at the mouth against the "ultra conservative" in the church, maybe this is why: too many blogs (a la Drudge) keep track of what is going on behind the propaganda.

So the Remnant reports that SNAP is not impressed with his "mercy" mantra.

Dirty little secret: Ten percent of the population are sociopaths/narcissists etc who are only kept in line by laws and social pressure. Remove the laws, and they act on their selfish impulses and just don't get it when you object to their actions.

The church of "feel good" religion and "mercy" is nice for ordinary sinners, but it ignores the reality of sociopaths, and marginalizes their victims.

One reason so many priests were "reassigned" was that they were "cured" by psychiatrists and sent back to work.

when I was in medical school, (late 1960's) psychiatrists took the Freudian stance that accusations of abuse, including incest, were "projections" of the kid's wishes, not real. And other psychiatrists insisted that if children were initiated into sex by an adult, they would lose their sexual inhibitions and frustrations (that in Freudian theory was the cause of all psychiatric illness).

In the 1970's, I remember medical journals and even "Newsweek" had articles insisting you shouldn't report incest to the cops, because the trial was more traumatic to the victim than the actual abuse. And they also pointed out tyat you would break up the family, and that nice guy would be mistreated by other prisoners in jail. California even released loads of "non violent sex offenders" back then.

Whatever became of Sin? was written in the 1970's, and the reason sin was removed from Catholicism is explained in this 2008 BBC article:

Fr Fagan calls for a 'rehabilitation' of the notion of sin -- one that is informed by the human sciences, free of cultural hang-ups, appropriately 'person-centred, realistically shaped by the diversity of human sexual experience and not wholly conditioned by the severely limited experience of celibate male priests.
of course, what this guy is saying is to let anyone screw around and that no sexual activity is a sin.

Fast forward and you see why the feminists are up in arms about the "rape culture".

FatherZ advises watch and wait: and pray.

And WWJD? Millstone, anyone? Matthew 18:6.


Screwing the elderly: Treasury bond interest is going down again.

And if the past is prologue, expect hyperinflation similar to that of the Carter era, when my savings lost half their worth (I was working in Africa, and came home to find everything cost twice as much, but my savings got interest less than half that of inflation).


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