Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Oil wars

One of the back stories about China is the natural gas under the West Philippine sea. The Philippines would probably ask them to cooperate and develop the area, but they want the whole thing.

This is not the only place that natural gas is changing the power relationships.

From StrategyPage:  Israel is developing it's off shore natural gas fields.

here is some urgency to this because in 2013 Israel began pumping natural gas from offshore deposits discovered and developed since 2008. Israeli firms have found over $200 billion worth of oil and gas there so far. Israel is determined to use these finds to achieve energy independence by the end of the decade. But first the offshore facilities and pipelines have to be defended from terrorists and military threats.

and of course, one of the biggest stories ignored by the MSM is how the US has essentially became independent in oil and fuel. Reporting this would go against the meme "blood for oil". Indeed the President's policies such as blocking an oil pipeline from Canada, helps the dictators in the Middle East, but only the union workers in the US notice his ecological policies are killing jobs.

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