Sunday, July 10, 2016

Prayer change people, people change things

this old CW song keeps going through my mind when I hear of all the politicians pointing fingers:

I've treated too many of these patients. Sigh.

Most of the mass casualty situations I've treated were car wrecks, but two were from violence, when a person went berserk. (both times knives, not guns, were used... I left Red Lake before that school massacre, but knew those involved, alas).

usually during these situations, you are too busy to pray, trying to keep them alive, so I always welcomed the clergy who stayed with the family.

Prayer came later, and of course, before. You just sort of say: I'm doing your work Lord...and then work to stop the bleeding and start the IV's....

But you know, before the Vatican council made the church PC, we were taught to to say a prayer whenever we heard a police/firetruck/ambulance siren. Do people still do this?

Which is why I posted about the Dallas prayer rally.

 why prayer rallies are different is that too often political rallies that talk about reconciliation are actually just trying to push the meme by demonizing their political opponents.

It's 1968 all over again...and one just hesitates to check Drudge to see the latest atrocity.

So why are prayer rallies different?

Prayer is "lifting one's mind and heart to God", and to do this, you need to first forgive  your brother and then be honest. Then when you quiet your heart and talk to God, sometimes he tells you things to heal you, and other times he points out where you need to repent or change your life.

God's voice is not in the thunder, or the storm, or the whirlwind, but in the small quiet voice that comes afterward.

so will the result be racial healing, or will the cable tv channels keep up the hatred to get better ratings?

as Drudge says: Developing...

and no, I know I shouldn't talk: We are having bad rainstorms so I didn't make it to church today. Sigh.

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