Sunday, July 10, 2016

Prayers for the fallen

GetReligion links to the prayer ralley in Dallas for those shot and killed by the paranoid sniper.

from Jillcowan's twitter site:
Here's the scene at Thanksgiving Square where there's an interfaith prayer vigil.

not a lot of articles there, but MSNBC notes "thousands" came out to pray.

And the local paper insists : Before we restore our city, we have to heal ourselves.

So light a candle, say a prayer, clutch the hand of the person next to you. And then sit with the pain. And sit with it. And sit with it some more. Invite it to truly crack open your heart and allow the poison of smallness to leak away.
Only then can we get to the other side. Only then can we look toward a unity of human spirit and resolve. Only then might it be possible for us to begin the work of uniting this city and this nation.

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