Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Stories below the fold

No, I'm not watching the conventions in the USA but Dave Barry has a report on them:

PHILADELPHIA So now the Russians are involved. Yes! According to rumors circulating here — and if we can’t trust circulating rumors, what can we trust? — it was the Russians who leaked the Democratic National Committee emails, because they wanted to embarrass Hillary Clinton. The theory is that the Russians are secretly supporting Donald Trump, as evidenced by the following evidence:
 ▪ “Ivanka” sounds kind of Russian.
=Vladimir Putin has been wearing a baseball cap that says “Make America Great Again.”


the good news in all of this is that the MSM finally has figured out that most of Wikileaks is inspired by Russia. 

on the other hand, it points out what is wrong with Hillary having an unsecure private email server discussing matters marked "top secret"

I mean, at least make them work a bit hard to steal secrets.

Personal note: My federal personnel  file was hacked, along with millions of other folk's files, from the federal gov't computers. Is anyone taking the cyberwars seriously in the federal gov't?


Pokeman has hit Indonesia.

Fatwa? What fatwa?

and it's coming here soon.


A "Pope Francis Catholic as Democratic VP?


How did that steamship end up in a cornfield


Drug dealers are the new enemy, but the commies, not so much.

On the other hand, in some poor areas they are the ones defending the poor farmers from exploitation...but like the mafia, they also kidnap, shoot people and sell drugs.


Sigh. now 200 thousand people in Northern China displaced by flooding. Heavy monsoon rains the cause, the they are angry because the gov't didn't warn them soon enough.

in our prayers


mass murder: it's not just for Muslims angry white men any more.

A center for disabled elderly hit by a knife wielding crazy in Japan.

in our prayers.

This is, of course, a "copycat " effect, where someone with mental illness who has violent impulses gets the idea they now are allowed to act on these ideas.


forget Brexit: the big news is the Cat fight in the UK


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