Saturday, July 09, 2016

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That kerfuffle about the Pope saying many Catholic marriages not meeting the standard of marriage got headlines, but what is the reality? retired Archbishop Cruz, who worked on the marriage bureau here in the Philippines, lists some of the reasons that a person might not be competent to enter into a Christian marriage:

disturbing family experience, hallucinogens intake, amorality caused by a licentious environ and like other factors that have their adverse impact in today’s generation...


Japan is taking steps to ensure the Ainu language and culture does not disappear.

Wikipedia article.

more on the Ainu DNA studies here.

it is a language isolate, and may be unrelated to other languages.

although Japan is seen as homogenous, there are actually 8 endangered languages (mainly dialects) there.


British actress visits Zambia, puts the name Congo into the title of her book (different country), sees non existent spiders,  and talks about jungles (Zambia is veldt, not rainforest), gets ethnic groups/history/civil war facts mixed up, then writes a memoir about her being the great white mother, and then wonders why locals get upset. more HERE.

The only thing missing from @LouiseLinton jungle caper was Tarzan swinging to her rescue 😂😂😂 

The excerpts don't mention who sponsored her trip, or if she actually was hired by anyone in development work.

Ah but the LATimes has in it's headline a non sequitor: she once dined with Donald Trump. Must have priorities straight.


I am always bemused when someone gets their two minute fame by deciding a famous person or epidemic is something different.

The latest: Mary Todd Lincoln, whose bouts of mania (hyperspending) and depression suggest a classic case of bipolar illness, instead is supposed to have suffered from B12 deficiency.

Uh no. B12 deficiency causes dementia, not mania.. and it was fatal back then, which is why they called it "pernicious anemia".

Her symptoms suggest bipolar illness, and/or narcissistic personality disorder, although her terminal illness does suggest Mary Lincoln might indeed have had tabes dorsalis.

more HERE.


from Freakonomics: Do boycotts work?


but hyping police brutality does work. LA Mayor remembers the Rodney King beating which was used to justify a riot, and made Korean American shop owners very cynical about their right to be protected. And although this got little publicity in the USA, I have seen it discussed on the local Korean channel as a civil rights problem that Koreans face in the USA.

There are bad cops, but what is going on now is a reaction to propaganda, and one suspects that the organizers had the plan in place before the incidents.

Just ignore the real problem: Gangs who terrorize good people.

older report here:


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