Saturday, July 09, 2016

True true

Dustbury is recovering from spinal surgery and is in rehab.

Keep him in your prayers.

His latest blog post quips:

The person who comes up with a hospital bed in which more than 5 percent of the population can sleep comfortably deserves everything in the world.

The mattresses are not only hard "for support", but covered with heavy plastic to be easy to clean.

I've slept in many, not because I was sick, but because "on call" physicians are frequently allowed to sleep in empty patient's rooms (and often when there is an on call room, it was for the guys, so I would be told to sleep elsewhere).

Which is why I didn't buy a hospital bed when Lolo was so sick...lots and lots of (disposable) pillows and a (disposable) soft pad underneath him. I also bought an egg crate mattress, (that helps prevent bedsores if someone is comatose or doesn't move around a lot) but he died before we needed to use it.

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