Thursday, July 21, 2016

When business and politics overlap

Vice article on Hillary, her emails, and Sydney B (aka sid vicious) why was he there? As part of the Clinton foundation, or as an irregular gatherer  of intelligence for Clinton to make state dept decisions outside of regular channels, or was he there looking to make money for himself?

Like the lucrative speeches that politicians of both parties give to banks/businesses/investment firms, they make the rest of us roll up our eyes.

These ties, like those of the Clinton foundation, where those who donate get government contracts, are not well covered in the MSM. Conflict of interest? Business as usual?

But then we have the question of Trump. He is rich. He used much of his own money to run for president. Does this mean he is buying the office, (except spending money didn't work for Jeb) or does it mean he will be able to make decisions without owing favors? Or does it mean he will use his government job to make his company rich?

Does it mean he will make national security decisions based on his own business contacts?

Trump tower is rising in Makati... it is actually under a company run by his son, not Trumpie himself.

But when it comes to the west Philippine sea, does that mean he would get information from his business business contacts here? Will this investment influence foreign policy?

And although he bashes China's business practices, he has a lot of ties with their business community.

WSJ Article about the problem

In other words, both candidates have problems.

so what is being pushed by the media? some minor plagerism.
Joe Biden call your office....

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