Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Big news hidden below the fold

The US has sat back and let China build islands on shoals, destroying the ecosystem of the West Philippine sea.

So now they are threatening to go to war with Japan if Japan dares to travel in this area, even though an international court recently confirmed the area as international waters

This is an important sea lane for shipping to Japan.

China is also trying to push Japan from their islands in the East China sea...

China can get away with this because Japan has no military and no nukes, as per their American written constitution after WWII.... however, they do have a small civil defense force, but this could change if China attacks them and the US continues to sit back and watch.


My medical blog has a partial analysis of a CDC survey of 17 states analyzing deaths from violence ... partial beceause I sort of got distracted before I was done.


The majority (66.2%) of deaths were suicides, followed by homicides (23.2%), deaths of undetermined intent (8.8%), deaths involving legal intervention (1.2%) (i.e., deaths caused by law enforcement and other persons with legal authority to use deadly force, excluding legal executions), and unintentional firearm deaths 

suicides most common in young and old white men and homicides more common in non white non Hispanic men....

and despite the BLM kerfuffle, only 1.2 percent of violent deaths involve "legal intervention".


the Iranian diaspora is allowed so that the educated don't start a revolution? StrategyPage

the current Iranian government is kept in power largely because of the many religious fanatics willing to die to protect religious rule. China and Russia are not officially denounced by the Iranian government (as the U.S., Israel and West are) but China and Russia are not seen, by most Moslems, as friends of Islam.
In short, Iran is a dangerous and unpredictable business partner and shows no signs of trying to change that.
A lot of Iranians agree, which is one reason Iran allows so many well educated Iranians to emigrate.That simply reduces the number of potential (and more able) rebels.


disease of the week:

BBC: Bagpipe Lung Warning for wind Musicians

From inhaling mold growing inside the bag. And other wind instruments could also cause problems.

via DavidReneke:

Dinosaur not wiped out by asteroid. It was the smoke that done them in:

According to the new hypothesis, when the asteroid struck the oil-rich area of Chicxulub in the Yucat√°n Peninsula, Mexico, a significant amount of soot was released and spread globally, causing a long period of darkness. This then caused “colder climates at mid-high latitudes, and drought with milder cooling at low latitudes on land … in turn led to the cessation of photosynthesis in oceans in the first two years, followed by surface-water cooling in oceans in subsequent years”, Kaiho’s team reported.


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