Monday, August 15, 2016

Conspiracy theory of the day (LOL)

So the air conditioning went out during a Trump rally in CT...

The college building where the rally was held, the William H. Pitt Center located at the Campus of Sacred Heart University, lost its air conditioning for much of the rally on one of the hottest days of summer in Connecticut.

Hmm.. didn't this happen a before? and here...

probably not deliberate: Twice I've stayed in class A hotels where the Air conditioning went off during the was a Caribbean resort, but the other was a swanky hotel in Washington DC where we docs were having a meeting.

But never let logic stand in they way of a good conspiracy theory:

Uh OH: Were the Thermostats on line, and were they hacked?

Probably not, but that could be one way to shut down the Donald.

But it's worse than that: could Google cut global warming by turning off your airconditioner?

Google’s Nest is experiencing a widespread outage that has knocked its line of thermostats offline, a particularly scary situation given the widespread heatwave across the United States right now. Members of our staff noticed the thermostats weren’t functioning properly this morning, in multiple states around the U.S., and a quick search on Twitter shows a similar story.

yup. Google is now in charge of your smart home. 

not just your thermostat and your smoke detector, but your webcam

well, that's one way to catch your daughter and her boyfriend doing it on the deck.

Speaking of google: Is it me, or is this racist?

it has to do with the doodle fruit games...

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