Friday, August 26, 2016

Family news

Ruby and Joy are back in Manila for another school event (She home schools but like most home school kids does a lot of "enrichment" courses and events at her magnet school).

It is rainy on and off, monsoon season.

The outdoor lights shorted off again last night, meaning no electricity in the overhead lights here either.

There is a new kitty, who didn't eat via syringe or eye dropper for three days, and was too small for a regular baby bottle. Luckily I found a premie bottle and nipple in the grocery store and now she is eating.... these small kittens rarely make it, but so far so good.

The bad news is that we have feral cats coming in and eating the food in the cat's room. Eventually George the killer dog will scare them away.

Today is another fiesta: The anniversary of the town being declared a city. In the past they called this the "sandals" festival after one of the major town industries (run by the clan of the mayor) but this year we have a new mayor, so back to the regular name. LINK

This means music all night and lots of visitors and traffic in town. It upsets the dogs a lot, especially when they set off fire crackers, and it means a lot of traffic noise because our street is one of the alternate routes through town.

update: the Inquirer has an Article on the local drug war includes this paragraph:

In Nueva Ecija province on Thursday, Gapan City Mayor Emerson Pascual told 434 people who had admitted to trading or using illegal drugs said that vigilantes had not killed any drug dealer in the city “because we value your lives.” Those who surrendered signed an agreement to give up drugs. Pascual said he pleaded with the police to let him speak to the drug suspects first. He is a member of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption who lost two siblings in a 2009 attack. “President Duterte and I have the same goal—to clean our city, to clean our country. We differ in our approaches. I want to do this peacefully. The President wants to achieve this quickly even if it leads to deaths,” Pascual said.
of course, his brothers weren't killed by drug dealers or cops but were a hit against his family because his father was running against our corrupt ex mayor, and our nephew was killed in the hit.

And the ex mayor died in his bed under indictment after years of delay.

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