Monday, August 29, 2016

Fentalyl correction and WTF is going on with the Clinton HIV project

some of the overdoses are from a similar drug used to sedate large animals...
and guess where it is coming from? Probably China, via Mexico.

Longer essay on my medical blog.

The counterfeit/inferior drug problem, mainly from China and India, probably kills more people than heroin.

I just listened to a C2C podcast where the Clinton Foundation was accused of using inferior and cheaper generic medicines for HIV patients in Africa that didn't work. The source of the medicine was from India.

Right wing site WND has the story.

and I have an essay on this on my medical blog, with lots of links.

Uh Oh: US Justice dept report: the Indian company Ranbaxy got a 350 million dollar fine for their fraud. 2013

They were faking a lot of their data in quality control.

Fortune magazine on the Great Valentine's day raid on the company and an expose on the company. 2013

Australian reporter MichaelSmith has a long article about the HIV medicine problem., including the Clinton Foundation using HIV meds from Ranbaxy for people in Papua New Guinea.

This article lists Australian taxpayer money going to the foundation, and notes a small problem: Bill Clinton signed a lot of papers when he was not officially head of the Clinton Foundation and did not have the legal standing to do this.... and notes other irregularities having to do with money.
(Australia gave 70 million dollars).

His sidebar also has lots of links about fraud on his sidebar, including Clinton fraud for a hospital that never was in Papua New Guinea.

But since I am a doctor, not an accountant, I advise you to go there and read his articles.

as for HIV in Africa: a lot more on my medical blog 

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