Thursday, August 04, 2016

Follow the money

The Cardinal who was cleaning up the Vatican bank got fired and now is being "investigated" for 20 year old accusations he covered up pedophilia, which he denies. An Australian paper reports:

Vatican efforts to put its finances in order initially accelerated after Pope Francis’s election in 2013. But an economic reform commission he established has since been disbanded and three of its members are currently on trial with the journalists.
Moves to have all the Vatican books externally audited have also been a start-stop affair. PricewaterhouseCoopers were appointed in December to do the job by powerful Australian cardinal George Pell, the head of the Vatican’s economic secretariat.
But PwC’s $3 million contract was suspended last week on the orders of a rival department, the secretariat of state, leaving Pell “a little surprised.”

I don't know if the child abuse accusations are true, but they do come at a convenient time.

The corruption of the Vatican Bank is a major scandal no one is covering... maybe because it is a "MEGO" type story where "facts" are not available, whistleblowers are suicided, and of course, only C2C am (link2) will cover the unsubstantiated rumors.

Ah, but that is the tip of the iceburg.

 What is the Clinton foundation, and where does the money go?

SenseofEvents posts this:

Right wing editorial says they launder money, and ironically, in Snopes the only correction is to say an email about the foundation was not written by Charles Krauthammar, but no facts on the claim itself.

WaPost article from January on the Haitian mess: a lot of the wasted/mis spent money was from taxpayers, not the CF.

NPR Summary here. actually mainly quotes the foundation folks explaining they might have made minor mistakes, but hey everyone makes similar mistakes, so just ignore that Reuter's report.

The Atlantic has an article on the foundation's political fingers:

Republicans and Democrats have their respective (if sometimes overlapping) fundraising bases. Very rich individuals sometimes support a given candidate. And then there's Hillary Clinton, whose relationship to money is even more complicated.

Her family's foundation is one complicating factor. "The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration," the Washington Post reported last month.
That conflict of interest was inappropriate for a cabinet secretary

My summary: All the political parties get money from rich guys/corporations, so why worry if the legal bribes and kickbacks go through the Clinton foundation instead of direct contributions that the MSM ignores anyway?

Again check out c2c clone for this summary.
Also Fox news Business dared to cover it.

oh look: Trump insulted a Democratic operative who promotes sharia law and Muslim Immigration
A gold star parents whose son died a hero.

presumably Trump will soon be attacked by other Democratic operatives mothers of military heroes.
so the press can continue their propaganda flood fair and balanced coverage of the campaign while
Pat Smith can be insulted by Hillary and this story ignored by the press.

Just another "cecil the lion" story to hype as the two minute hate on facebook..

A lot of Hillary's shenanigans resemble a certain lovely ex president, a class mate of Bill Clinton, who will remain nameless...

The elites take care of their own, of course: notice that when she got into trouble, the lawyer wife of a certain movie star and Clinton supporter went to the UN to get her off.

 .. no they couldn't prove anything, maybe because a lot of the money was given to her husband, witnesses are threatened, and remember, most "whistle blowers" also have taken bribes in the past so would be prosecuted themselves if they spill the bean.

what is that expression: she came to do good and did very well indeed.

or as Lolo used to say: They're all crooks.

as for Jesus' opinion: He'd say: been there, done that:

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