Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Making up the past

Via SenseOfEvents: 23 reasons why Jesus wasn't a copy of ----------_(place name of pagan god here).

well, another reason is that many of the stories of the gods are obvious examples of fantasy writings ( as in fantasy/sci fi, or myth that teaches truth without being literally true). And great leaders who existed, like Buddha whose life is documented, had parallels, but you could find similar parallels in others who sought for the truth, or are considered saints. Socrates anyone?

Anyone who has lived in a third world village today. I can see Jesus walking around our African villages (or the Philippines 20 years ago (before globalization/modernity got our villages electricity, land reform made our farmers rich enough to own a TV, cellphone, and tricycle, and  changed our small town into a city with a McDonalds and a mall).

This analysis is about the new testament pseudo scholars. For the old testament the problem is fantasy by believers who think the bible is literal history, not oral stories transmitted for quite a few years before written down. (albeit a lot of folks have a similar bias similar to the old fashioned 19th century debunkers that it's all made up, be it Troy or the Exodus. No, the stories were tales based on a historical event but the story was distorted in the telling, so had a basis in history but is about as true as the movie JFK or Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter.).

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