Sunday, August 21, 2016

No good deed goes unpunished

That is, if you are a Republican.

When Bush risked his life to visit troops in Baghdad (where the risk of his plane getting shot down was real), He spent the day talking and behind the table handing out food. But then he joked and lifted up a display (real) turkey and voila, the press ignored his deed and for years you heard "plastic turkey" jokes to make fun of him.

So now Trump visits Louisiana and brings a tractor trailer full of food, and gets publicity for a major disaster that has pretty well been ignored by the MSM, and so what do we hear?

it was only a photo op:

Donald Trump struts around Louisiana flood zone, signs autographs, impedes first responders
Uh, that was the reason that Bush gave for no going to Katrina, but of course never mind. And I didn't hear this complaint when Obama went to visit those who were made homeless by Sandy: indeed, he was sure to get a photo op with Christie.

ah, but the ridicule goes on:

Donald Trump goes to Louisiana flooding site, spends a minute handing out Play-Doh, leaves
This is the next two minute twitter hate, btw.

photo from Gateway Pundit: That yellow box on top was playdoh.

So another proof of MSM bias?

Let's leave partisan sites and get a third opinion:
Snopes has the story:

although Donald Trump did donate Play-Doh modeling clay to flood victims in Louisiana, this was not his only donation to those in need, as a video of Trump helping to unload a truck clearly shows that he donated much more than Play-Doh:
Play-Doh, diapers, baby formula, various toys, cleaning supplies and socks can be seen in the above-displayed video...

ah, but he only "helped" unload someone else's donation for a photo op, right? Uh no.
 However, CNN and The Creole, the latter an online news source for Ascension Parish in Louisiana, reported that Trump had "donated" an 18-wheeler full of supplies, Trump spent approximately 20-25 minutes inside the command center and asked a lot of questions, according to [St. Amant Fire Chief James E.] LeBlanc. 

two comments: when the press hates someone so much, it makes me wonder.

Two: If this was a "photo op", then why is President Obama deciding he had better visit next week?

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