Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sarcastic notes

Some libertarian Republicans are backing Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party instead of Trump.

Well, when I lived in New Mexico and he was governor, a big shot drug dealer had a compound down the road from us, and we were warned by neighbors not to hike off road because we might be shot.

This was an open secret, but hey, who protects ordinary folks when money is to be made?

And the open drug trade was ignored.

His pro drug attitude is fatal to the poor, and I might note that Johnson hasn't been indicted, yet two later governors of that state were indicted. Hmm....

More HERE at about his early support by the extreme right of the Republican party, including the Koch brothers. Of course, he just happened to give the Koch brothers a state contract where they made lots of money, but never mind.

They claim he was a law and order guy who used the drug issue to get support from baby boomers, but actually that law and order part was nonsense: drugs were awash and criminal behavior was open but you'd have to live outside of the yuppie ex california enclaves to notice.....

and yes, when you read that his money (and everyone else's for that matter.) is coming from "small donors". How that works is that an organization arranges for employees and their family members and friends all to kick in a small donation. Big scam.

but I suspect the finger of Soros here. In reality, the elite Republicans are hailing Johnson as an alternative to Trump in a lot of articles. The Koch money is going to Johnson, but is the Soros money going there too, to siphon off votes so Hillary wins?

This article says Soros wants to change the marijuana laws.

Actually false: His Open Society organization wants to legalize all drugs, but never mind: don't expect reporters to actually read their agenda on the web site.

and the article I cited claims Johnson is there to wean yuppie pro druggie votes from Hillary (whereas the Republicans are hoping he gets the libertarian vote from Trump).

what ever. I am just pointing out that this guy is a crook and no one is bothering to look into his actual background.

as for legalizing drugs: well over one million children are cared for by grandparents and other elderly relatives because mom is not married and she has a "substance abuse" problem.

And you think legalizing drugs is the answer? Me, I blame the churches...


In a related item:

Today's Drudge is about Soros the puppet master. Someone actually hacked more emails.

Actually I know Soros from his being the puppet master behind the "medical marijuana" initiates which were more about legalizing pot than in helping the sick.

I say this for two reasons: One, the aim of the Open Society is to legalize all drugs for everyone.

Two, the Open Society is pro euthanasia, and 15 years ago started an organization for discussing end of life matters that included pro euthanasia enthusiasts. They insisted that the organizations had anti euthanasia types too. In other words, euthanasia as a forbidden subject is no longer, but only part of the "discussion" and voila, soon guess what?

Pushing agendas by "discussion" that makes an immoral action into something one "discusses" to having the new idea pushed by the press as a moral crusade, eventually pushing out anyone who opposes the agenda because it is the future so get out of the way is nothing new.

Heck: I'm old enough to remember this done with divorce, contraception, and abortion. First the hard cases were dicsussed, then the change of law was pushed by the press, then the laws were changed and opposition was crushed because you were told not to push your religion on others.

Then came the rest of the agenda: acceptance of living together, homosexuality, and now drugs and killing the elderly (with a party duh).

Hmm.. maybe Paul VI had it right when he warned that if you allow contraception the whole society would unravel.

Starting in the 1960's, in the name of "freedom", American society has unraveled, and it is now busy spreading it's errors to other countries.

And we Catholics now see Pope Francis using the same scenerio to "reform" the church... no he hasn't done any actual reform, he pushes the ideas and sows confusion in the laity so presumably his hand picked Cardinals can vote in a pope to change things by fiat.

And heaven help the Philippines: cardinal Tagle is as bad as Francis.


here in the Philippines, the people are enthusiastic about the anti drug drive. Lots are just going out and doing pay back killings, figuring they might be able to get away with it. And the cops are encouraged to shoot first and ask questions later.

Bad for rule of law if this goes on too long. But hey, 100 thousand druggies decided they need rehab. So something good might come of it.

Everyone here is happy about the anti crime/anti drug push, but the  next step is to start naming the crooked politicians and there is a worry that they might assasinate the President. There is already at least one contract out to do just this. 

Right now the Catholic bishops are up in arms against the anti drug pogrom here because of all these "extrajudicial murders", even though drugs are hurting a lot of poor people, and the bishops,, except for that old leftie Bishop Cruz, didn't make a fuss about Gloria or other crooked politicians stealing everything in sight... indeed, many of these politicians  routinely get photo ops with clergy.

Did I ever relate the old story of when the bishop said mass at our fiesta, where the crooked mayor sat right in front with all the big shots? When Chona took her donation up, she passed him and waved a fist in his face...

the next election, the bishop arranged a mass where everyone promised to not resort to violence.

Right now, there is not a lot of hype about church corruption, which makes me wonder...

the church is all "for the poor", but the middle class is becoming evangelical, where they hear about Jesus and about how to live an ethical life.

Although there might be hope: When I went to mass at the local chapel, the young priest gave me communion on the tongue. For non Catholics I need to explain: This practice emphasizes the holiness of the sacrament, in contrast to the "meal" aspect of just getting it in the hand, which emphasizes the "we are all good people so let's celebrate ourselves" aspect of the post Vatican II liturgy....

Hmm... maybe there is hope.

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