Thursday, August 11, 2016

Stories behind the headlines

Ottoman history podcast discusses a new book on African slavery in the Ottoman Empire... and how their descendants still are there today.

An article on Cahokia.

Yes, those mass graves of human offerings are there, but so are the rich guys.


When fracking lowers the cost of oil, recycling plastic isn't cost effective.

However, the problem here is that plastic bags are thrown away and clog up the sewer system. Some places are banning plastic bags, since the alternative it to train people to stop littering.

Well, at least our ex mayor did put trash bins on the streets. It didn't help much, since the cats and dogs dig in at night and scatter the trash all over the place. But covering the drainage ditches might help too..


Three cheers for E Coli... which could be transformed to make cheap biofuel.

well, why not? It already makes your Insulin

  • 1978 Genentech produces biosynthetic 'human' insulin in Escherichia coli bacteria using recombinant DNA techniques, licenses to Eli Lilly
  • 1981 Novo Nordisk chemically and enzymatically converts porcine to 'human' insulin
  • 1982 Genentech synthetic 'human' insulin (above) approved
  • 1983 Eli Lilly and Company produces biosynthetic 'human' insulin with recombinant DNA technology, Humulin

Uh OH: What is that purple blog?

of course, I'm old enough to remember when the blog ate....Downingtown PA (?!) and Steve McQueen saved the world when he noticed it didn't like getting cold....

Dave requests an Air Force heavy-lift cargo aircraft to transport the Blob to the Arctic, where it is parachuted to the ice. Dave says that while the Blob is not dead, at least it has been stopped. To this, Steve Andrews replies with the last line in the film, "Yeah, as long as the Arctic stays cold."

uh oh: Glabal warming....


Sigh. Pedophilia in a private school. Who wudda thot?

Ah but this one is in China. and the netizens are shocked: not because a teacher sexually abused his students but that he sexually abused boys.

But then, I'm old enough to remember when male teachers who had female students as their girlfriends was considered cute...


quick: Before the copyright cops find it's there:

lecture sereies of the day: history of Italy in the Middle ages.

and wait til you come to the one discussing the Sack of Rome, where the protestant mercenries of CharlesV could teach a thing or two to ISIS.


another nil finding causes questions of latest science theory: Scientists at Antarctic Observatory can't find steril nutrinos.

This is science at it's best.... my feud is with all those who claim they know the answer to everything.

Medievalnet discusses medieval zombies. link2


There are some low profile stories about the possibility of stealing elections in this year's contentious US Presidential race.

Al J. has an article on the problem.
the left sees gerrymandering and voting registration laws as making it harder for the poor to vote. (true)
The right sees gerrymandering and not allowing verification of who actually is eligible as a problem (true).

But the ig worry is that someone will hack the voting machines. and the BernieBoys suspect Hillary rigged the machines against their guy, so it's not just the Trumpettes who are worried about this.

And the solution? Paper ballots.

of course, "stuffing the ballot box" is an old fashioned way to steal an election too.... which is why the Philippines recently changed to electronic voting, figuring it will take a few years for the crooked politicians to figure out how to hack the machines.


The mystery of the green diving pool...

and Cupping hits the Olympics.


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