Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stories behind the headlines

Mark Mallet defends the Pope.

Of course, the Pope wants mercy for everyone: well, almost everyone:

The Pope knows who the real enemy is:

 "There are parishes with parish secretaries who seem to be 'disciples of Satan' and scare people; 
A parish secretary deals with an unwelcome enquiry.

Photo via the satire site: EcclesIsSavedBlog.

StrategyPage on the West Philippine Sea.

The decision got into the seaweeds. It had to, for EEZ violations involve money and jobs. China interfered with Filipino oil exploration operations. China tried to prevent Filipino fisherman from fishing in their own EEZ while encouraging Chinese fishermen to violate it. In other words, China was committing large-scale robbery.
not to mention destroying the environment there. See all those greens demonstrating against them? Anyone? Anyone?

and then there is the sea lane aspect: not just through the WPhilSea:

Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia think the bottom of its rough parabola is suggestively close to the Strait of Malacca. That waterway is the primary shipping passage between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Obama is ignoring it except for timid US Navy naviagating nearby. Duterte figures we are on our own which is why he is talking about making nice with China.


is the flooding in Louisiana being ignored because they don't want to blame the President?

actually Bush was blamed for the governor's mistakes back then, for political reasons. The present governor seems competent.

And yes, the locals are helping each other. This report is about the "Cajun Navy" rescuing their neighbors.
(headsup Ace)

 In my experience, when there is a flood or tornado or major fire,  people go out and help their neighbors without being asked.

I've been in areas with disasters in the past, and you know what happens? People volunteer to help, and often take in their relatives/friends and even strangers who need a place to stay...

 And every  Catholic/ Baptist/ Methodist/ etc church become centers to collect food and clothing, and often after the disaster is out of the headlines, they send their youth groups to help with the clean up...


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