Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stories below the fold

Drudge links to an article on waking coma patients with deep brain stimulation.

I heard a discussion about this awhile back on Coast to Coast.

Factoid: One third of those diagnosed with PVS (Vegetative state) are misdiagnosed.


via Instapundit: Texas and Israel ties: the silicone Prarie meets the Silicone Wadi.
Again, note the water technology, and that Israel is now talking about exporting gas to nearby Muslim countries.

they also link to the story that someone, probably the Russians, has hacked the NSA.

Well, duh.

They hacked my federal personnel file a few years back, and you mean no one has bothered to increase computer security since then?

or is it another mole?

Security isn't exactly tight: I mean, Huma's links to the Muslim brotherhood are well known, but she still got a security clearance.

and finally: The coming persecution. Those pushing it don't see how churches benefit the community: they only see bigots.

think this is absurd? Then why is the Red Cross turning away private donations, forbidding a cop to pray with a victim?  and the government putting out guidelines to make sure help is not bigoted and insisting the "Cajun navy" receive training before they go out and save lives.

miss old fashioned romance books? Grace Livingstone Hill books now at Librivox. About as realistic as Harlequin romances, without the bodice ripping parts.


And the LATimes reports: as you get older, you get happier.

sounds familiar. Turn up speakers and enjoy!

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