Monday, August 15, 2016

The Exorcist

Lots and lots of horror movies about ghosts, ghouls, zombies and demons, but the movie that started it all is now 50 years old.

Interview from EWTN News last year:

TeaAtTrianon rereads the book that was published in 1971, and finds it still impressive.

Yes, I agree... the story is about the fight between good and evil, but the book emphasizes that there are indeed good people willing to fight evil, and that the good will win (albeit not without casualties in those who fight evil).

Ah but how many people skip this lesson to get thrills by the part about evil? Especially in the dozens of copy cat films and books about the demonic?

Usually I prefer to read hard copies of horror/crime books so I can fast forward over the lurid parts, but if you want to listen to the book, you can find the audiobook on youtube.

thhe abridged version is here.

Ah, but how much of it is true?

ArtBell discusses it with Malachi Martin:

Martin is, of course, either a saint or a con man and liar, depending who you talk to. The classic series of Art Bell interviews are good, but some of those on other sites tend to slide into paranoia and confusion.... so I read him with a grain of salt.

His book Hostage to the Devil, is one that gives one nightmares... other exorcists suggest he was exaggerating, or telling the worst cases he could find, and that most of the stuff they get into is demonic oppression or minor possession, not the full fledged type of possession in his book.

I gave it to a friend who loved horror movies, and she gave it back horrified. Yup. Devils tend to be more attractive in fiction than in reality.

Ah, but how many are actually possessed, or are they merely mentally ill? Hysteria/conversion reactions will mimic possession in vulnerable people, but most of those patients I've seen who thought they were possessed were mentally ill and had delusions.

It's not PC to mention this: but evil is real. No physician who has treated families destroyed by substance abuse, or seen a kid die because his druggie father got annoyed by his crying could say evil doesn't exist.

 Father Martin's comment comes to mind when one meets these types: that he knows a lot of very naughty people, but they aren't possessed.

and how much evil is done because kids just don't know any better?  Those who get rich promoting a media culture that glamorizes killing and drug use, or a society where gun carrying is normal don't seem to worry if their message is toxic. As a mourning father says:

I don’t know when we’re gonna start moving. I’ve gotta start with my kids and we gotta change our ways, to be better role models. And we gotta change ourselves.
We’ve gotta talk to them, put some sense into them.
They targeting us, but we know about it so there’s no reason to keep saying it’s their fault. You play a part in it. If you know there’s a reason, don’t give in to the hand, don’t be going around with big guns, don’t be going around shooting each other and letting them shoot y’all cause that’s just what they’re doing and they’re out to destroy us and we’re falling for it."

In one of his interviews with Art Bell, he mentions that you cannot exorcize those who he claims are "perfectly possessed", who welcome the powers they are given.

Heh. Conspiracy theories about EyesWideShut, anyone?

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