Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The important stories behind the headlines

CDC Report. suggests the problem is with overdoses and when mixed with alcohol or other drugs.

more on Mitragyna at wikipedia.
It is commonly used in Thailand and Malaysia


Darth Vader: A role model for Navy Commanders?

... (In The Empire Strikes Back) Darth Vader solves all the biggest bureaucratic problems that face our Navy today. In fact, we should all strive to be more like this Dark Lord of the Sith. 
 After reviewing constant Galactic Internet content about why his Imperial Officers were leaving service early to go be nerf herders or moisture farmers, Darth Vader made it fun to be in the Imperial Navy again. 
 Despite his unnatural inclinations towards the Dark Side of the Force, Darth Vader leaves us with valuable lessons on how to properly solve problems facing today's Navy.

LATimes reports many homeowners are trying to be "Green" by replacing their lawns with gravel and desert plants.


some experts warned that Angelenos’ zeal to use less water in the backyard would ultimately make the city warmer.
“Gardens and lawns act as air conditioning for L.A., which is only getting hotter with climate change,” landscape designers Mia Lehrer, Claire LatanĂ© and Margot Jacobs wrote in a 2015 op-ed in the Los Angeles Times. “Plants and trees provide shade and transpire moisture to cool the air; gravel and artificial turf don't.


Follow the money: BLM is not about justice, it's about the activists who supervise the program getting rich.

Of course, maybe the money won't be funneled through the "activist" organizations: it might merely be another huge bureaucracy handing out money.

Given that the BLM (bureau of land management) stole almost a billion dollars from Native Americans, from the compensations to Native Americans, maybe the BLM (black lives matter) activists should notice such a program might not help those who are supposed to get the loot.

Ironically, President Obama shouldn't be eligible: His African ancestors never were slaves in the US, but both his American and African ancestors did own slaves...

My nasty comment of the day:

Yes, I'll pay slavery reparations as soon as I get back the family farm in County Mayo...

related comment: Did I tell you that when I visited County Mayo, that much of the area has gone back to oak forest. So I guess the greens are happy. Just ignore the one million deaths from disease and starvation.


and forget the threat that Russian hackers or Isis terrorists might shut down the power grid:

The real enemy is hiding in plain sight:

Dave Barry notes:

THEY ARE OPENLY MOCKING US As of July of this year we squirrels (and our fellow animal operatives) have conducted over 1,400 unclassified operations that have resulted in aggregate of more than 67 days without power, affecting over 3.6 million people.

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