Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Uh OH: Project Sauron

Uh OH:

Cyberwar in progress, and the Kaspersky lab has named them Sauron.

I am no expert, but they describe a sophisticated program that selects who to hack, and is suspected of having a "nation-state threat actor targeting state organizations".

Symantec, which was the other vendor to issue an alert on the threat actor this week, described it as a fairly advanced cyber espionage group. “This assessment is based in part by their malware, selective targeting, and their ability to go undetected for so long,” says Jon DiMaggio, Sr. Threat Intelligence Analyst for Symantec Security Response.

 The Strider group, which is Symantec’s name for ProjectSauron, is noteworthy for its use of a sophisticated malware tool called Remsec that appears designed primarily for cyber espionage.

in other cybernews, the rumor is that the DNC hack was not a Russian hack but stolen and passed on by a Bernie supporting staffer. And Wikileaks has offered 20 thousand dollars for information on his suspicious death.

place conspiracy theory here.

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