Saturday, August 20, 2016

WTF stories of the day

First, Trump visits Milwaukee and says ordinary folks need law and order for protection, and that illegal immigrants take jobs from African Americans, then he visits the flood victims in Louisiana.

Drudge is pushing Trump,but of course the rest of the MSM is pushing Hillary. No big story here: Drudge was the one who broke the story of the Blue Dress and Hillary tried to take him down by having Sid Vicious sue him for libel when he linked to a story written elsewhere that turned out not to be true.

But the real WTF story is that Wikileaks has it's aim on Hillary.  Putin is blamed, of course, but hey, no one called the hackers dirty commies before this series of links when they were endangering the military with their leaks...

no don't ask me: We only get the anti American CNN International version: no more BBC or AlJ. (we do get local news, and CNN Philippines, which I haven't watched enough to see if it knows what it is saying).

Then I watched the Suicide Squad movie and found that the bad guys have family values (not just the Will Smith Character, or ElDiablo, who is trying to do something good in reparation for killing his family, but even Harley: who has a secret dream to be a suburban housewife, who wudda thot?) which inspire them to go back after they lose.

And no, the ruthless black woman who is the puppet master is not based on a certain ruthless black woman who is the puppet master of the Obama White House: The character predates the administration.

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