Saturday, August 06, 2016

Yes we have fans and a swamp cooler

I should note that I only started using the Aircon during the day when Lolo got sick and stayed most of the day in bed. Before then, he tended to use it for an hour to nap and then went to the farm, when it was cooler, and I just used the fan.

We also have a "swamp cooler" that evaporates water with a fan, in our dining room.

And the fountain in the center of our compound (plus the palm trees) keeps that area cooler than outside.

However, I found that if I run the Aircon on dehumidify using an extra hepa filter, it filters the air too, so I don't need to take a lot of anti histamines for my allergies: which have gotten worse with the increase in traffic (due to the main street now being one way, so our street is the other way).

Yes, I think businesses etc stay too cool, but many of them do this because of the computers. My desktop used to crash over 90 degrees when I lived in Appalachia (We didn't have an aircon because it rarely got hot there... most folks slept on the porch during August when we had a heat wave).

I am not anti green: I am against rich people bossing around ordinary people and making something that is essentially a good thing seem like it is a completely evil thing. Uh, maybe making more efficient airconditioning is the answer?

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