Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Yup. The Beeb is biased

I;m reviewing the headlines on the newsfeed of the BBC and I see four eight anti Trump headlines. And no pro Trump headlines.

Check out this analysis, which purports to be an analysis of foreign policy of both candidates but is actually a dump job against Trump:

 It is hard to remember a candidate as out of step with the existing foreign policy mainstream as the Republican contender Donald Trump.His views on Russia, on Nato, on Muslims, Mexico - you name it - are at variance with the policies that have dominated US foreign policy thinking for decades.

Yeah. Democracy is a bitch, ain't it.

But then I am old enough to remember when the British press painted Reagan as dumb and a warmonger who would cause WWIII.

The BBC also have articles on some shootings in Austin: Nothing big, just the usual Saturday night fights that every major city sees and has seen since I became a doc.

So why publicize two Austin murders and ignore the carnage in Chicago? I think it has to do with the open carry law in Texas...

Nothing there about the war games in the west Philippine sea, or about their sabre rattling. But they do note the problems with Chinese construction of a nuclear plant in the UK

China will not tolerate "unwanted accusations" about its investments in the UK after the delay of the Hinkley nuclear power project, the country's state-run news agency has said. Xinhua said it could not understand the "suspicious approach that comes from nowhere to Chinese investment".
It follows reports suggesting the UK PM has national security concerns about China's role in the project. Officially the Chinese government said it hoped for a speedy resolution.
Uh, isn't this a Chinese private company being accused, so why is the government threatening the UK?

 and if you read the article you find this Trump like quote:

Carrie Gracie, the BBC's China editor, said the Chinese government "is on the horns of a dilemma".
"It is frustrated by the uncertainty over its future in the UK's nuclear energy industry and it is angered by suggestions that the reason for the delay may be the prime minister's reported concerns about the national security implications of a Chinese role in critical infrastructure," she said
Putting the UK first? ya think?

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