Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Anti PC stories of the day

First they come for the babies infected for Zika, then they come for those who may or may not be 'unconscious" (PVS is overdiagnosed in 30% of people). 

The BMJ prints an article by a "bioethicist" saying if one decides to starve those with PVC to death, we should inject them with a drug to kill them and then just take out their organs.

Haleigh Poutre could not be reached for comment.


From a bio of Ben Carson: Before he became famous for separating cojoined twins, he performed a risky hemispherectomy on a patient in 1985...

I remember reading about this or a similar case: The one side of the brain was badly damaged, and caused intractable seizures, which would eventually lead to the full brain being damaged and death. So would it be ethical to remove the damaged part?

Maranda survived the procedure, even regaining her speech immediately after surgery. And though she needed years of physical therapy and other treatment, Maranda graduated from high school in 2000 and “moved out on my own and have pretty much been independent,” she said. “I wanted to live a normal life and that’s what I have. That’s all thanks to Dr. Carson.”

The article laments his conservative stand against PC moral issues, but fails to mention that Dr Ben Carson turned his life around when he found Jesus and joined the SDA church.


Speaking of the SDA: Mel Gibson's comeback film is about a soldier who refuses to carry a gun or shoot people.

Lots of discussion on various news stories if Mel should be forgiven for bigoted comments when drunk.

Roman Polanski call your office.

One of the major critics against Mother Teresa was someone who condemned her because they had squat toilets in her hospice. I guess we should condemn Tokyo airport for supplying alternative squat toilets for those who are used to using them too.

 He also says sometimes the floor around them was dirty, to which I say: Yes, accidents happen: so why didn't you clean them up?


One of the most influential women in America just died: Phyllis Shlafly. Due to her, the US never passed an equal rights amendment...She was ridiculed for warning that an equal rights amendment would lead to all sorts of socially destructive policies; well, she was wrong: These policies have been pushed on the country via the courts anyway.

and no, I didn't support her: during this kerfuffle I wasn't living in the USA.

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SenseOfEvents discusses trigger warnings, and includes a professor who includes this tongue in cheek warning in describing his course:

"TRIGGER WARNING: physics, trigonometry, sine, cosine, tangent, vector, force, work, energy, stress, quiz, grade," reads Schwartz's warning, which is emblazoned in bright red near the top of the syllabus for his Fall 2016 ENGR 2100 — Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics course.

unlike social sciences, hard engineering is still a reality based field:

 Richard Feynman call your office.
For a successful technologyreality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.

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