Friday, September 30, 2016

Blocking shipping lanes? What shipping lanes?

the MSM is pushing Miss Piggy as an election issue in the US, and few Americans think that defense is a major issue.

FormerSpook writes:

This may come as a surprise to members of the Obama national security team, but east Asia has devolved into a strategic mess during their watch.
North Korea's nuclear program has stoked new fears in South Korea, Japan and even Taiwan, raising whispers that some of those countries--perhaps all three--might develop their own nuclear weapons in response.
Further south, China's aggressive posturing in the South China Sea threatens trade routes used to carry trillions of dollars in raw materials and finished goods each year.
Outside of diplomatic rhetoric--and a slight increase in military patrols--there has been little response from Washington. And that's a major reason regional tensions are boiling over from the Korean peninsula to the Malacca Strait. With American leadership largely absent, hostile regime are aggressively pursuing their agendas.
Meanwhile, our allies feel betrayed and alone, forcing them to consider options that were unthinkable a few years ago.

italics mine. This is why President Duterte is trying to make nice with China and blasting the USA.

Presumably Hillary would do the same if elected, but what exactly is Trumpies' plan?

He would also expand the U.S.’s military presence in the South China Sea as a deterrent to China’s territorial claims to artificial islands there. He said he would toughen rules against the theft of intellectual property and combat subsidies China offers to boost exports. He opposes the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, the trade agreement which includes the U.S., Japan and 10 other countries.
Hmm... would  a nuclear Japan prevent China from blocking the trade routes in the West Philippine sea?

But Hillary's plan is: Push human rights, make nice about trade and military aggression:

Mrs. Clinton has been a constant critic of China’s human-rights record. She has called the current U.S./China dynamic “one of the most challenging relationships we have,” but she has also said the two countries share a “positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship.” During her time as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton said she pushed hard for China to agree to new greenhouse-gas emission standards. She also gave a 2010 speech that focused on internet freedom and criticized China

and Asia is not the biggest problem:

wait til they hit Mosul and you will have to cope with 1.5 million refugees...

lost thanks to Obama wanting a headline saying he pulled out all US troops from Iraq.

AlJ has a report here.

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