Thursday, September 22, 2016

Democrats scouring overseas expats for votes

Drudge's headline points to this Breitbart article, which I have not read (I try to avoid political stuff on right wing webpages like Breitbart or the CNN).

But it is true.

I belong to the local Democratic overseas group here in the Philippines, but since they meet in Manila and I live elsewhere, I don't attend meetings. During the last presidential election they were helpful in sending us the information so we could keep our registration active in our home state and vote.

This year, our caucus backed Bernie, not Hillary.

But in the last few days, not only did I get an email asking me to volunteer to man the phones to urge people to get registered and vote.

They must have had other volunteers doing this since they called my contact number, which is my stepson's phone, urging us to vote, telling us how important this is, and instructing us where to go to the Embassy in Manila to get registration information.

I found this hilarious, since my step son, a Balikbayan like my husband, got the phone call, and like my husband, he is a rabid Republican and a Trump enthusiast.

So the end result is a vote for Trump.

Since there are over 100 thousand Expats living here in the Philippines, not to mention Balikbayans (returnees from the US with citizenship) it could change the numbers.

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