Tuesday, September 20, 2016

He wasn't a terrorist, he was just angry /s

AnnAlthouse (sarcastically?) notes the Jersey bomber might not have been a terrorist: He might just have been mad because the local city ordinance was passed to try to get their restaurant to close at 10 am, because locals were upset at their noisy patrons in the middle of the night... (or as one comment on her blog says: I'll bet you dollars to donuts that First American Fried Chicken was selling more than batter-coated chicken parts and the side items weren't on the menu.)

Yes, because everyone angry at local ordinances protests by bombing gay neighborhoods and commuter train stations.

the NJ bomb was found by homeless men, but one comment on her blog notes that one of the bombs in NYC was also taken out of it's suitcase and put in a trash can by two guys, who then stole the suitcase. LINK

Guess they didn't want the cellphone and pressure cooker.

Hmmm...I wonder if the bomb that went off in the dumpster also was discarded there by someone who stole the suitcase. Few were killed because the explosion was limited by the heavy iron dumpster walls...

If it wasn't for honest criminals reporting bombs to the cops, and obeying littering laws, more people could have been killed....

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