Thursday, September 08, 2016

How dare they defend themselves against our missiles!

StrategyPage has the facts behind the untold story of Yemen's proxy war between Iran and the Saudis: That the Iranians have given the rebels lots of missiles that could wipe out oil facilities, but so far the US supplied anti missile systems are working.... but it only takes one lucky shot...

and remember: Many of those working at oil facilities come from other countries (e.g. the Philippines, Pakistan, India, Egypt etc). and a hit, which could cause a massive fire, could not only increase oil prices (which would benefit Iran and Russia) but could cause an exodus of these workers, destabilizing a lot of other countries.

And remember the next time you read about poor civilians being killed: Iran is using Russia and China to stress their side's "civilian casualties" to bias the fight.

But no one is worried if their proxies kill a couple thousand OFW's in Saudi. So far, the anti missiles are working, but if they shoot dozens of them at the same time, one could get through.

comment: I'm old enough to remember when President Reagan was ridiculed for insisting the US should develop an anti missile system, which was quickly dubbed "Star Wars" to ridicule him.

wayback machine confirms my memory:
1986 article LATimes
more at 1988 article from LATimes.

yes, the silly idea of a Republican cowboy, protecting lives in Israel and Saudi.

and in the near future, maybe South Korea and Japan.

ah, but China and NoKo are busy trying to stop this.

I have to laugh at this article: It is about the protests from China and North Korea, and notes protests from "locals".The left for years spread anti American propaganda in Korean schools,  so think of them as the equivalent of Stalin's useful idiots.

So with North Korea shooting missiles into Japan's air space, why should China be upset that these countries might want to defend themselves?


What China is really worried about is that Seoul’s potential joining in the US-led regional missile defense network, not just THAAD deployment on the peninsula itself,” said Kwon. 
Hmm...wonder if Duterte will soon ask for one of these to defend Palawan or Manila from China...

SP also have a report on Sauron, the latest cyberwar virus.

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