Friday, September 30, 2016

More signs that the end is nigh

I'm feeling paranoid today, so aside from the fact that a lot of pious folks now answer "no" to the question: Is the Pope Catholic?, there are a lot of other bad news headlines out there that might worry you.

Freakonomics asks: Why are we still using cash?

most of the answers cite the BigBrother is watching you problem (or for Christians, the Mark of the Beast).

But I pointed out: What happens when we get an EMP, Solar flare, major hack job, or even a local disaster?

NPR report here. reports what happened when a typhoon hit Tacloban....


LATimes has a report on mass graves and "disappeared" in Mexico.

the report suggests the problem is the gov't war against drug cartels, but a closer reading suggests the problem is corruption: a corrupt government/police that is allied with the drug and criminal element is the problem.


Don't look now: India just bombed Pakistan.

they kill Indigenous people, don't they?

Metis (and ex MP) Mrs Gay Caswell (and the Catholic bishops of Alberta) are pointing out the legal irregularities of how the Suicide bill there was mandated by their courts and then rammed through the Parliament with little discussion by Baby Trudeau....

The Indigenous people and poor immigrants of Alberta were victims of the Eugenics movement in the early 20th century, so like the Black Americans who remember the Tuskegee project, they tend to be suspicious....

but I found this interesting:

she points out  there is a clause that lets parliament overturn court decisions (section 31 of the Canadian Charter).
of course, it is rarely used...

Homosexual rights activist's speech is canceled by bomb threat.

Nah, it's okay: It's only Milo upsetting the snowflakes.

Commuter train accident in NYC area not long after a bomb was found on the tracks.

Colombia makes peace, maybe, but one wonders if the SJW who loved every Communist inspired insurgent known to mankind noticed that Venezuela is what happens when someone like FARC takes over...

The new socialist government diverted necessary investment in maintaining and expanding the oil production facilities and infrastructure (power, water, roads) in general. The oil company workforce was purged and that replaced a lot of competent managers and workers with people known mainly for their loyalty to the new government. This meant that as the oil prices fell so did Venezuela’s ability to even maintain production. Now there are electric power blackouts, bad roads, unsafe bridges, undependable water supplies and much more. Criminal activity has soared to give Venezuela the highest murder and robbery rates in the world. The socialist politicians gained and retained power for over a decade by appealing to the poor, but the government has lost that and many poor communities are now controlled by criminal gangs, which offer more protection from crime and starvation than the government can.

how bad is it? Well StrategyPage reports even the Chinese are getting out...even though they would love to get their hands on the oil...

Ignore Duterte's anti American plans.

The Chinese are more hated here than Yanks, but under Obama, the Chinese were left alone to destroy shoals and reefs to make artificial islands.

So he will offer peace to China. If China is smart, they will cooperate, but on the other hand, given how China is also pushing around the Indians, the Japanese, the Vietnamese and the Koreans in similar "border disputes", one doubts a foul mouthed Duterte will budge them.

Look for him to become lovey dovey when Trump takes over...

Trump's son is running his business setting up a big apartment/business center in Manila. His name is behind a lot of businesses here in Asia, so he has connections all over the place.

Hillary's latest complaint about a tiny amount of money that might have gone to Cuba almost 20 years ago is laughable. 68 thousand dollars on a factfinding trip to investigate putting a casino there by a multimillion dollar international company? Presumably looking to see if it was worth investing there when sanctions lift.

compare and contrast: Michelle Obama's 100 million dollar working vacation.

but of course, it's about making the Cuban American community in Florida turn against him.

It's like the kerfuffle about Miss Piggy the porn star  ...oopps i mean the topless playboy bunny....uh, even Snopes admits she gained 42 pounds after winning...and this was Twenty years ago. But just ignore Monica and that blue dress...

but the bad news is that intelligent people fall for such things: Heck Professor Beard actually is naive enough to believe CNN fact checking of the debates.

it's not much better here: our lady vixen is complaining that two high level drug dealers were killed in a prison riot to intimidate her.


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