Saturday, September 24, 2016

Drugs and terrorism: a marriage made in hell

The old leftie, retired Archbishop Cruz, notes the link between drug gangs and the Islamic terrorists in the southern Philippines that was behind the recent bombing in Davao City, which was done to warn the president to keep his hands off them.
He calls them the ShabuSayef.

he notes sadly that the result will be more checkpoints and less freedom.

Well, we already had them a couple years back during a push against the NPA. so this is nothing new.


DuterteSpeak: A guide for foreign media.

Here are some tips: “Fuck you” really means “I reject strongly your position on this matter and am expressing my intense displeasure with your pronouncements.”...

 “Putangina” really means “I firmly believe you are mistaken.” ...

“Gago” really means “It is unfortunate that you have embraced a viewpoint that is contrary to mine.”


The Philippines is in danger from Shabu  (meth) epidemic associated with gangs using us as a transport point to the rest of Asia.

compare and contrast: Iran's murderous anti drug war.

the article is shocked, shocked that they are persecuting drug pushers, and that the west if helping them do it with money.

The dirty little secret is that they are fighting drug gangs from Afghanistan and that they too are a heroin transport point to ship heroin to Europe and Russia. They also have a huge heroin addiction problem.

a lot of those executed are Afghans or minorities. (Iran houses 3 million Afghan refugees, who have lived there for years: mostly from when the Russians or Taliban ran the place) and a lot of this is related to the Baluchistan militants who smuggle drugs (not just heroin but meth and hashish) to fund their insurgency against both Pakistan and Iran.


StrategyPage has a long article on the violence in Mexico, and about the crooked politicians who help them.

StrategyPage also has noted that since 2006, 80thousand have lost their lives due to the drug gangs (some of them civilians).

In the meanwhile, two more priests have been murdered by drug gangs in Mexico. and notes 11 have been murdered and two have gone missing over the last three years.

Crux puts the total at 14 priests and 2 church workers over the last three years, 11 over the last decade, and several pastors have also been murdered in that country.

So poor the poor priest murdered by a delusional teenager an Islamic terrorist in France is instantly called a martyr by everyone, including the Pope, but just ignore the priests who preached against the violence of the narco terrorists who get tortured to death.


of course, such things would never occur in the USA...

Chicago magazine about the links between gangs and politicians.

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