Saturday, September 10, 2016

Philippine news

The NEJournal has a photo of the grand opening o our local drug rehab program:

[Photos courtesy of Luis Yllana.]
The building used to be the city hall, until that moved to a fancy building with more space.

They then were going to make it into a hospital, but then decided to only keep part as an outpatient pediatric clinic and use the rest for a technical school. So essentially the interior only needed some tweeking to fix it up to use.

More at the Inquirer: only 30 beds there.

Joy's Evangelical church was approached in getting involved with the rehab.

Other churches and church groups are getting involved, and VP Robredo says the key to rehab is involving family and churches.

how popular is the drug war? Well, Indonesia said: hey we should try this too.

Stratfor analysis here: 

The popularity of the war on crime, Duterte hopes, will buy him time to remake the power landscape in the capital. This will mean gaining a tighter hold on the sources of patronage needed to sustain a political coalition, while also building credible institutions worthy of the public's trust. Over the long term, he thinks voters and foreign investors alike will reward his focus on law and order, even if it brings with it a temporary spike in bloodshed and is enforced with extralegal means.
Success here would support the Duterte government’s second imperative: securing the country’s territorial integrity, at least internally. Central to Duterte's agenda are his efforts to bring an end to two conflicts: the world's longest-running communist insurgency and an age-old separatist conflict waged by Moro Muslim rebel groups in Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago.

And even the MILF is backing Duterte, and has rounded up 30 drug suspects.

but Duterte's make nice policies toward the MILF and NPA are not making friends with the military.... and military coup attempts are a common problem here

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