Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Philippine news

The soap opera of Senatorial hearings is still going on. Don't bother to read the MSM: you are missing the part where he had to be coached.

And one of the latest casualties is the daughter of a "british Lord" (and drug kingpin) who was killed and left with a note saying she was a pusher. And indeed, if you read down ten paragraphs you find her realtives admitting she "took after her father" and of course she was arrested awhile back with a lot of drugs.

a lot of the murders are bad from a human rights angle: what is needed is rule of law and swift justice.

But when one sees one politician after another getting off, and when those crying "human rights" have lots of stuff, well, a lot of people think that maybe they are being paid off.

and the release of our lovely ex-president suggests that if you are rich, you can steal everything in sight (actually only 8 million dollars) but still get Clinton allies to go to the UN to get you off under the guise of human rights violations.

Duterte clarifies his remarks about telling the US to leave, and says he needs the US to help protect Philippine territory in the West Philippine sea (note: the US has been doing little to help)

StrategyPage has a good summary of what is going on here: read the whole thing.

As president Duterte’s aggressive anti-crime approach has had immediate results for most Filipinos. Crime is down and it’s the criminals, not the average Filipino, who are now living in fear. That is enormously popular with most voters. Some local and many foreign critics consider these vigilante methods illegal, immoral and ineffective. That remains to be proven. In the meantime these methods have, since July 1st, left over 3,500 known or suspected drug gang members and addicts dead. Most were low level dealers but these are criminals the people see daily and hate the most. As a result a recent opinion poll found 91 percent of Filipinos approved of this new “shoot on sight” approach.
they also discuss the war against terror and the upsurge in piracy in the south.

also big news in the Philippines: the breakup of Brangelina.

“The future will tell. The fact that she wants custody of the six children (with visiting rights for Pitt) possibly means that there is something behind this break-up. Maybe in the next few days we will learn there is another story,” she said.

He was once a big user of pot and other drugs, and TMZ reports is that he relapsed... which is why she doesn't want him caring for the kids.

The same yuppies who see tobacco use as the only sin left ignore the social effects of drug use.

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