Saturday, September 03, 2016

Quantum Maggots?

Something from nothing

While cosmologists do believe that the laws of quantum mechanics can spontaneously generate a universe, this story just passes the buck. For where did the laws come from? Remember, we wanted to explain how something came from nothing—not how something came from the preexisting laws of physics. Removing causality from the equation is not enough. The paradox stands.

and the ancient concept of ether is back.

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includes this factoid:

One can understand (if not forgive) the journalist’s inclination to wax religious about “the God particle”—even if Leon Lederman, who coined the reviled term, originally called it “the Goddamn particle” though his publisher wouldn’t let it fly.

and MIT has a course on youtube in quantum physics.

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presumably the maggots is a reference to Pasteur's famous experiment that he used to destroy the idea of spontaneous generation,  This idea of spontaneous generation goes back to Aristotle, and was used by Lucretius and others who insisted that there was no need for God since maggots spontaneously appeared in rotten food.

and no, Pasteur was not "anti evolution", but presumably he denied Darwin's philosophical followers who used evolution to deny the need for God since they insisted that life appeared and evolved spontaneously. Pasteur was a Catholic, and the church long included evolution as one of the ways that God could have developed animals and man's body (but not his soul).

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