Thursday, September 22, 2016

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GPS blockers discussion on StrategyPage.

SP also has these factoids about Shiites in Afghanistan:

Only 15 percent of Afghans are Shia and these Shia are a particular target for Sunni Islamic terrorists (like the Taliban). Most of these Shia are the Hazara, who are ten percent of the population and the descendants of the hated Mongols who conducted several brutal invasions during the 13th and 14th centuries and destroyed more of the country and its population than any other conquerors.

MomJones recounts the debate if Roundup causes cancer, or if it is the ingredients added to the insecticide that are the problems.

First problem: What do they mean by "cancer"? This is like saying "germ" because there are a lot of cancers out there.

Apparently it is lymphoma... non Hogkins' lymphoma, according to the ambulance chasing lawyers.

This UK website says the cases have increased 180 percent since 1970's... but if you look carefully, you see the UK had 13 thousand cases in 2013, and half were over age 70.

my take: Fix the problem, but remember that the choice is starvation of millions or cancer for a couple thousand old people.

I am fairly certain that some cancers are environmental (smoked fish and stomach cancer, tobacco and radon with lung cancer, sexual promiscuity spreading HPV and cervical cancer to name a few). So I suspect some cancers are caused by chemicals in the environment.

But even since I studied in medical school, we have seen a shift in types of cancers and other diseases.

as for NHL remember: chronic diseases, autoimmune disease, and HIV, that affect the immune system are known causes of the disease.

and HIV was rare before 1980...

MomJones also points out that yes, California has a drought, but if Californians didn't waste so much water, but recycled it, there wouldn't be such a terrible water shortage.

believe in your horoscope? Well DavidReneke there is bad news for you:

NASA has declared that because of a shift of the Earth’s axis, the zodiac needs to be re-evaluated. They explain that in the 3000 years since the zodiac system was drawn up, “the sky has shifted because Earth’s axis (North Pole) doesn’t point in quite the same direction.” This, combined with evidence of a long-suspected 13th zodiac sign, has led NASA to propose a new zodiac.

more here.

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