Thursday, September 29, 2016

Utopian novel podcast

The podcast from Mythgard, which discusses scifi/fantasy novels, this weeks starts a discussion on the Dispossessed.

 The Dispossessed describes the twin worlds of Anarres, an anarchist world, and Urras, a world much like our own with countries of varied political systems, including two very large countries with systems that are at odds with each other. Told from the perspective of the Anarresti scholar Shevek, the book provides a thoughtful and shrewd look into the various political systems that Shevek encounters, including the one into which he was born, and finds both merits and faults in each. The Dispossessed is part of Le Guin’s larger Hainish cycle, which explores a variety of worlds and social systems.

I had the book in the US but didn't bring it with me to the Philippines.

However, you can listen to the audiobook by visiting Youtube.

part one

Part two 

I usually download these to listen to at my leisure, but lately the downloads won't work on my webbrowser, so I use youku downloader.

so far, no problems with it. and it means I don't have to rely on an iffy wifi to listen.

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