Wednesday, September 21, 2016

who needs mindfulness when you have smartphones?

awhile back, I pointed out that the "mindfulness" craze being pushed on docs is nothing more than self hypnosis, and that "mindfulness" is merely deep concentration, where outside thoughts are stopped to concentrate on one thing. This mental ability is found when you do yoga, jog, say the Jesus prayer, say a mantra, say a rosary, surf the internet, or just plain read a good book or play/listen to music.

Ah, but in today's world, it might mean using your cellphone 24/7.

 Andrew Sullivan's column that notices he no longer has a human life, but is addicted to the internet.

Heh. Been there, done that.

But actually, Sullivan is so last year: It is smart phone addiction that is the problem now.

David Warren notes:
I have seen it myself all over, while walking and riding about the city; and moreover, I have seen it increase, dramatically, over the last few years. I would not call it a “zombie look,” for it conveys a certain alertness.

and two seconds in this zombie movie (at minute 1:34) sort of says it all:


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