Friday, September 23, 2016

World Peace!

From the Manila Bul: 26 countries pledge $151 million for world peace.

The co-hosts underscored the importance of the Peacebuilding Fund and the UN combined focus on sustaining peace. “A change of mind-set in how we go about doing the business of peace also requires a different kind of players, a different kind of willingness and commitment in how we invest in the peacebuilding complex, including prevention,” said Amina C. Mohamed, the cabinet secretary for foreign affairs of Kenya. “Today we saw a good initial step in that direction. There is still much work to be done.”

more money for rich NGO workers, and to be diveted into the pockets of local politicians.

one of the goals of the UNPeacekeeping funds:

The PBF constitutes an essential component of the enhanced UN architecture to provide for a more sustained engagement in support of countries emerging from conflict and will support peacebuilding activities which directly contribute to post-conflict stabilization and strengthen the capacity of Governments, national/local institutions...

yup. money for politicians.

we all want world peace, don't we? but the real problem is how one plans to do this....

Duterte is taking his advice from Gracie:

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