Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Your Tagalog lesson for today

Ann Althouse links to Dilbert explaining that Trumpspeak is just how ordinary folks from NYCity speak.

Let me give you an example of how a Californian talks compared to a New Yorker. Californian: It looks like it might rain today. New Yorker: Oh, shit. Fucking rain. I need that like I need a goddamned bullet in my head. See the difference?

and a similar defense of Duterte was made on her blog by this comment:

buwaya puti said...
Duterte has a way with words.
That bit was in Tagalog.
He actually said "putangina" which is literally whore-mother, but amounts to "sonofabitch" in equivalent English. Its the universal Filipino expletive in general use, just as in the US one would sprinkle "f**k" all over.
The context is that he would call Obama that, if Obama hassles him, so he didnt actually call him that, quite. Though that may be a bit academic. 

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