Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Family news

Another typhoon coming, but should hit north of here.

We have a meeting trying to settle Lolo's will today.

All the smaller kittens have disappeared, presumably dead or hiding elsewhere. The cats however still come in and demand food.

I have my computer back and a note saying not to use it plugged in because it messes up the battery.


I'd blog about the news, but it all seems to be a recap of Clinton scandals, known and documented in the past but rarely given much publicity.

and I had to laugh: When Wikileaks was showing "innocent civilians" killed by drone strikes, they were heroes. But hey, mess with the Clintons and you get shut down.

and StrategyPage has an article about the Philippines. Drudge links to an article saying Americans are afraid, which I haven't read, but I wonder who they talked to? Most of us expats living here are probably happy because it means we are less likely to be kidnapped or killed in a home burglary. Of course, the pedophiles and drug users and those involved in the drug trade are probably shaking in their boots...

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