Monday, October 03, 2016

Philippine news

One of my facebook friends sent me a US news link of one lovely (sic) vixen complaining that when she tried to investigate the evil Duterte that her life had been made hell. as the saying goes: World's smallest

I pointed out that the main threat to my life was being robbed and killed by a Shabu addict (as several people in this area have been killed) or killed in the cross fire of political wars related to the election. Until recently, I would add being kidnapped for ransom, but they caught that gang last year.

Here is an example of what the real danger is: the local news paper reports five farmers who were given land in the land reform act were shot (four died)..
and the local mayor denies involvement.

and lower down: a local cop killed in a different town when that town's local cops invaded a drug den.

Oh yes A rapist and two known robbers who preyed on elementary schools were killed by vigilantes.

so if vigilante justice is done against those who raped your daughter, or killed your relative, or robbed you, should we list these among the 1500 drug dealers/users killed by vigilantes?

and the local paper notes a teenaged girl was kidnapped. Alas, these kidnappings are not common but not unusual either. Usually the girls are never found, or maybe their bodies will turn up in an irrigation canal.

I bet you didn't read of the Australian pedophile who kidnapped local girls and made money off of their snuff films... the trial could last for years, and the most he could get is 30 years in jail, since the death penalty has been outlawed here.. and, from the UKGuardian:

Tens of thousands of children are believed to be involved in online child abuse in the Philippines, according to the UN. Detective Superintendent Paul Hopkins, the head of the Australian federal police team in Manila that worked on the Scully case, has described the size of the trade as “monstrous”.
The sex trade, like the drug trade exist because a small "gift" will allow the local cops/politicans will look the other way so you don't get arrested, or you can flee the country when out on bail and your lawyer delays the court case over and over... the drug trade, and the ability of Chinese gangsters to steal millions from the NYC federal bank account of the country of Bangladesh, and launder it here are only symptoms of a wider problem: corruption.

Innocent farmers, workers, and middle class businessmen are more likely to be killed by Shabu addicts so they are being targeted, but the reason for the "international" outcry is that Duterte is going up the list. A lot of low level drug dealers will spill the beans if they know they might be killed, which is why a certain vixen is upset that two high level drug dealers were "killed" in a prison riot, and views the episode as a plot against her.

The MSM is anti Duterte all the time: Meaning that it is out of context and one sided.

In contrast, on my google news feed out of Singapore, they quote the Inquirer saying that it's okay to accuse her of taking drug money but it was a little over the top to spread her sex video around.

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