Tuesday, October 25, 2016

philippine news

the cook reported a local barangay politician and his driver were shot dead a few days ago.

No, not the drug wars, but politics: 

from the Manila Standard:

Yes we are looking into politics as one of the motives. You have to look into that because he [San Jose] is a politician,” Madria said, adding other motives being looked into are love triangle and business rivalry.
San Jose’s elder brother Lauro sought justice for his slain brother, saying authorities should exert all-out efforts to find the killers and bring them before the bars of justice.

they are blaming the present mayor, who denies it, but there is an ongoing feud here between the previous mayors who killed and later attempted to kill more members of our present mayor's family... so it's either payback for the previous murders or payback for winning the seat away from someone who thinks he should have won.

I don't know enough about politics to know who is suspected to be behind the hit, but since our nephew was killed in one of the previous hits against the present mayor's relatives, we are affected by such things.

s it may have been payback.

On the other hand, maybe city funds will now be used to  improve the city: even though there is no election in the near future, there are new sewage/drainage canals being dug all over the place....(usually public works are done for a few months before elections, to get votes).

the local paper has a bunch of stories on hits and deaths.

coompare and contrast: StrategyPage has an article on Mexico's drug wars. They had 2000 deaths a month for the last few years.

the bad local news

Tat the last typhoon almost missed us, but we had heavy rains and mild winds that hit mid harvest, meaning that almost ripe rice was flattened and newly harvested rice didn't get dried in time and will be moldy. Sigh.

Lolo bought us our own rice drier after this happened a couple years ago.... but now I hear that "I didn't have money to get it fixed" so we lost much of the profit of our last rice crop.


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