Friday, October 28, 2016

Philippine news

the backstory behind the Obama Duterte wars is that for years, China was left to push us around, and then the US used this to insist we reopen the local military bases. In other words, we are not equal allies but just a pawn in his "pivot to Asia"...and again will have foreign troops stationed here.

what is rarely mentioned is that Obama has essentially refused to help the Philippines fight against international terrorists and has even removed US troops from their job of training our local troops and in using sophisticated means to find these bozos.


Washington deployed special forces soldiers to Mindanao in 2002 to train and advise Philippine units fighting Abu Sayyaf militants in a program that once involved 1,200 Americans.
It was discontinued in 2015 but a small presence has remained for logistics and technical support.
War on terror? What war on terror?

In other words, Obama has discontinued the needed help against the Abus, as part of his meme that he won the war on terror, but for years ignored the Chinese chasing out fishermen from their usual fishing grounds and the poaching by Chinese fishermen in those areas and while they destroyed the ecosystem by tearing up the sea bottom and building military bases on shoals.

Indonesia shot back when they pulled that stunt, but hey, the Philippines was ordered not to react violently.

 but now Obama is going to use us as a pawn to pressure China... then if anything happens, he can make the Philippines the scapegoat.

 Washington has since shifted much of its security focus in the Philippines toward the South China Sea, where the two countries have shared concerns about China's territorial claims.
not to mention using "human rights" to push the Philippines around when they try to clean up the growing power of the drug cartels. Guess they don't want to upset international banks by exposing those who help the cartels in making money by destroying people.

this article parrots the usual argument of the multinational elite think tanks want the war to go away by ignoring drug use.

But then the writer gives the game away:telling the story of how a UN group held a conference of groups and wrote the conclusion before the conference opened:

...the UNGASS failed to produce anything remotely responsive to the clamor for more effective approaches. Some 195 civil society groups attending the special session complained about the conference process itself—the 23-page outcome document was prepared by the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna one month before the conference
 What is interesting is the comments, including that Marcos stopped a lot of the cartels by taking one big shot out and shooting him.

Maybe if they did that to the bankers who assisted the cartels things might change.

a short snippet about only one of the several banks cited from the UKGuardian article I cited above:

Wachovia was fined $50m and made to surrender $110m in proven drug profits, but was shown to have inadequately monitored a staggering $376bn through the casa de cambio over four years, of which $10bn was in cash. The whistleblower in the case, an Englishman working as an anti-money laundering officer in the bank's London office, Martin Woods, was disciplined for trying to alert his superiors, and won a settlement after bringing a claim for unfair dismissal.
and as the Guardian adds:

No one from Wachovia went to jail – and, said Woods at the time of the settlement: "These are the proceeds of murder and misery in Mexico, and of drugs sold around the world. But no one goes to jail. What does the settlement do to fight the cartels? Nothing. It encourages the cartels and anyone who wants to make money by laundering their blood dollars."
China is a lot more corrupt, but at least once in awhile they do take out the worst of these drug smugglers and shoot them.

and while the US and the UN and the EU are busy lamenting the drug killings (and lumping all murders including private killings, political murders, and murders by drug gangs into their talley) China at least will help us on paper. They are building a drug rehab center near here, for example.

The main cartels behind the problem here are from China but the Mexican cartels are also moving in.

why? because they can... or they could.

no, killing low level dealers doesn't stop someone from taking their place. But it does scare some to refuse to continue selling drugs, and more importantly it makes some people spill the beans on the major players.

They now are on notice that they might indeed be made dead while being arrested (or if they are lucky, they can wait to get tried in court... we haven't even convicted the politicians behind the Maguindanao massacre yet).

where are the human rights folks when it comes to mentioning the thousands killed by drug cartels in Mexico?

and although it is smuggled in via Mexico, most of that killer Heroin substitute is manufactured guess where?

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