Thursday, October 06, 2016

Rehab or AA?

Inquirer on the lack of drug rehab facilities in the Philippines.

We have one around the corner.

But in the US, the first line of treatment is AA type programs, and/or churches. And the treatment is outpatient.

So are churches involved with the push to stop drug use in the Philippines? Ruby's Evangelical church was asked to sponsor a group, but it wasn't clear what they are doing. And presumably our catholic churches are involved, but since I don't know enough Tagalog, I am not sure what is being done by them either.

CNN Ph has video report



discusses how drugs are devestating the slums, but opposes the killings.

Asia News.

the secularists claim is that the churches offer only "counseling" not rehab, but actually the twelve step program is a way to restructure your life, as is following a "born again" church's rules.

one of the problems: Shabu is often taken to counteract depression and unhappiness. Is AA the way to counteract this, or will being "born again" help? this is the religious equivalent of "Cognitive therapy", i.e. reprograming the way you think about things.

Medically, the brain ends up even more depressed when you stop stimulents, and it takes awhile for the brain's biochemistry to stablize.

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