Tuesday, October 04, 2016

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Deodorant causes cancer.

more junk science. The real reason for the breast cancer epidemic is not having babies every 18 months, and good nutrition (and again because you aren't having 8 kids) that make women obese: Obesity effects estrogen levels, which is associated with breast cancer.

and I won't even go into phytoestrogens in the environment.

Two "bioethics" journals insist that doctors have no right to say no to killing.

As Net Hentoff said 30 years ago: Bioethicists are apologists for death.


fatherZ links to a list of the greatest Catholic novels.

safe for atheists: they don't spout "we're saved and you're not nyah nyah" propaganda by the righteous.

Here is a summary on those in the list that I have actually read:

Kristin Lavrensdattir is a shrewish but beautiful housewife, and Master of Hestviken is a rich tapestry of medieval life, but very depressing...
LOTR doesn't even mention God...
Brideshead has a lot of gay themes only mildly hidden behind the prose (the protagonist is bisexual)..
.and Flannery O'Connor probably would make a rigid believer tear out their hair in horror.

But I would add Endo's The Samurai, since I haven't read "Silence".... the hero is here a Japanese Samurai, and told from his point of view, whereas I believe Silence is about the Spanish Jesuits.


for later reading: In Colombia the real trouble makers are the drug gangs, who will take advantage of the "truce"

NPR reporter thinks "Come and take it" meme comes from those upstart Anglo Texans who refused to bow to the pressure of the (new dictator) government. Actually the Texans were quoting Leonidas...

Herodotus call your office.


LATime has the backstory of why Congress okayed suing the Saudis for 911

yes, low level officials and Saudi funded mosques (and I suspect Saudi trained imans) but the dirty little secret is that some of the mosques are promoting radical Islam in a way to encourage terrorism.

and I'm still waiting to see if the anthrax attack was related to this story. I have long doubted the government's theory, since the one they charged (and who committed suicide) had access to anthrax, but not to equipment or experience that would allow him to weaponize it.


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